Using Auto Play Options Properly

Online casinos give the player many options that they can’t enjoy in a live casino setting. One of those options is the auto play button that will play the game continuously without you having to press the deal button for the next hand. The action will continue on through a pre-determined number of spins until you stop it or you run out of bets to play in that game. This speeds up the rate of play while allowing the player to do something else as they play a slot game. The auto play option always bets the same amount for each spin it runs through, so this option is not always a wise thing to play.

If you’re the type of player that likes to vary their bet after a loss or win, playing the auto play button will not allow you to implement any betting strategy you may want to employ. If you go on a bad run of spins you’ll find that your buy-in money will deplete at a much faster rate. You’ll need to have more money than you would normally bring because of the increased play rate.

The big thing about auto play buttons is that the player has to set the number of spins to be played. So one should consider the number of credits to the amount of the wager, in conjunction with the number of spins you plan on setting on auto play. One can also set limits on bankroll during auto play, and if a limit is reached one way or the other the auto play feature will shut off, and the player will have to make the next move on the software.

Auto play buttons are only really automatic on certain games. New video slots have interactive bonus rounds that require your attention to play them out, and every time you hit one these bonuses the auto play option turns off until you play them. So playing any of these games would require that you’re nearby and able to give the game some attention every 15 minutes or so when a bonus is spun.