Slots Games with the Bonus Feature Guarantee Another Way to Win in Slots

Bonus feature guarantee slots machine games add a new dimension to playing slots. They will either automatically give a bonus round in the course of playing and getting like three scatter symbols , after a fixed number of spins or you can take a chance that you will get a bonus round with a few clicks and try your luck. In these bonus rounds , the winnings can really add up.

Three Ways to Get the Bonus Feature

In bonus guarantee slots games there is a fixed number of spins when the bonus round is given automatically.In Hairway to Heaven Slots it's 125 spins. At the 125th spin, you automatically get the bonus round if you haven't gotten it before. My experience with this slots game is that you will get it usually pretty quickly without waiting for 125 spins. At that point the bonus feature begins and you pick a prince and it reveals a prize. Prized can be multiplied as well as bonus feature retriggered. Random wins by three or more scatter symbols also yield the same bonus round.The third method of the bonus feature guarantee is to look at the bonus feature section usually in the upper right corner, you will get a screen that shows the chance you have of winning . If you haven't gotten any bonus rounds , you might want to check the chance of getting it at 75% or better the odds are in your favor.Click it and get to the bonus round .


Bonus feature guarantee slots are another way to win big money in slots.If you're having a poor day playing slots , then the feature guarantee will insure you get a chance at some bonus money . Because of the multiplier, Hairway to Heaven is one of my top choices for bonus feature guarantee slots games.

Bonus Feature Guarantee Slots Game Hairway to Heaven

Slots for Free , Feature Bonus Guarantee...hairway to heaven slots game

In the upper right corner of the game is the bonus feature link. It will tell you your chance of getting the bonus feature and you can click it to start.You will either get the chance or not if lucky and you get it , you start the free spin bonus round. Another game that features the bonus feature is Aztec Treasures with the Feature Bonus Guarantee.