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Real Time Gaming has brought a slew of new slots games out earlier this year. One is The Big Bopper. The Big Bopper was a nickname for a popular musician Jiles Perry-Richardson. His heyday was the fifties if many of you don’t know about him and one of his songs featured in the slots game is Chantilly Lace. As you spin reels, the music is playing. It’s pretty cool. The only thing is that when reels stop spinning so does the music.

This is a music themed slots game and all of the symbols are music related like guitars, radios, microphones etc. The symbols and their values are:
Lightning bolt
6 = 2000 with wild card 6000
5 = 300 with wild card 900
4 = 100 with wild card 300
3 = 50 with wild card 150
Gold record
6 = 1000 with wild card 3000
5 = 150 with wild card 450
4 = 50 with wild card 150
3 = 25 with wild card 75
6 = 500 with wild card 1500
5 = 100 with wild card 300
4 = 50 with wild card 150
3 = 12 with wild card 36
6 = 250 with wild card 750
5 = 75 with wild card 225
4 = 25 with wild card 75
3 = 8 with wild card 24
Record player or Album
6 = 200 and 600 with wild card
5 = 50 with wild card 150
4 = 15 with wild card 45
3 = 7 with wild card 21
Guitar and Radio
6 = 150 and 450 with wild card
5 = 40 with wild card 120
4 = 12 with wild card 36
3 = 5 with wild card 15
Telephone and Music Note
6 = 125 and 375 with wild card
5 = 35 with wild card 105
4 = 10 with wild card 30
3 = 3 with wild card 9
White Lightning Free Games

The game has bonus symbols that spell out B O P P E R on the six reels. Getting them in several combinations will trigger the free games feature. In either direction from left to right or right to left, getting three or more B O P P E R symbols will trigger the free spin feature and an added chance to win money.
Big Bopper Instant Win

When the Big Bopper sings, you win. Your win can be up to 20 X the original bet instantly. If he continues to sing, your win can go up to 50X, 100X, or 250X your original bet. This is similar to getting a jackpot in a slots game. The Big Bopper slots game isn’t connect to any jackpot.
Wild Cards and Scatter Symbols
The Big Bopper symbol is the wild card and will multiply any win by three. Getting a B O P P E R with a win combination will also multiply any win.

Overall, I found this slots game to be very entertaining. The free game feature occurs often as a result you can get your money back more quickly rather than the large jackpot games. Large jackpot games don’t payout as much as the no jackpot games from my experience. And the lack of payouts helps to fund the jackpot. No jackpots seems to mean more payouts for the individual game itself. I won a nice junk of change on the Big Bopper slots game.
Sun Palace Casino
The Sun Palace Casino is one of the places you can play this exciting game. Simply download the software and you’re good to go. Use the bonuses or don’t use the bonuses and you can play for free too!

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