Online Progressive Slots Where the Big Money Is

If you want to play slots for those large jackpots, you want to be sure to play progressive slots games. Most online casinos have these type of slots games. To find them, check out the menu or lobby in the casino program and look from there. You will find slots and various types , 3 reel, bonus round and progressive. Click the progressive link and all the large progressive slots games will show up. Pick the game you want to play and start.
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What Are Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots are wide area slots that are linked via computer. Everytime someone plays, a portion goes to the jackpot. Some of the jackpots are over a million dollars. When you play, your chance is as good as anyone else. The progressive is usually won when a player gets 5 top symbols on a single line. Most online slots have random smaller jackpots. They are won more frequently but the jackpots are usually much smaller in the $10,000 or less range.
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Real Time Gaming Progressive Slots Games
progressive slots games
There are six progressive slots games from RTG, the leader in online slots games. They are Aztec Millions, Jackpot Pinatas, Shopping Spree II, Megasur, Jackpot Cleopatra Gold and Spirit of the Inca. Below you see the games and the jackpots as of this writing. If someone wins or if no one wins by the time you read this, the jackpot will change up or down.
Progressive Slots Bankroll Strategy

Since progressives don’t have winners everyday it’s not foolish to think you can’t win. But you could if you get the symbols. One cool slots bankroll strategy is to play a certain amount of money on a progressive slots game, and a certain amount on other casino games. Video poker games have a low house edge. Whatever, you lose, if you do,on progressive slots game, you can make up play video poker.

How To Play An Online Slots Machine

This article covers the basics of an online slots machine. Everyone has probably seen a slots machine at a Vegas casino with the lever or button and heard the bells and whistles of a win. Online slots machines are the same in principle but a little different .
Check the Pay Table
Find the pay table first. This will let you know what you win if lucky. There are some machines with the same names. For example, RTG, has Aztec Millions slots and Aztec Treasures with bonus feature guarantee. The symbols are the same just different payouts for the same combinations. One features a bonus feature guarantee, the other a large progressive jackpot. Reading the paytable will let you know the type of game you are playing.
Before you insert any money into a slot machine it is recommended that you spend a moment to become familiar with the game. You can do this by having a quick look at the pay table. This will show you if you need any special bet levels for bonus games or jackpots as well as the games prizes.
Choose a Coin Size and Amount to Bet
Check you budget and go from there. There are some machines with a penny per line feature which is great if you choose Max bet. You can still win the jackpot if lucky. To make this clear coin size is multiplied by the payline and this is the total bet. Some games have fixed betting amounts and others are flexible.

Three versions of Aztec Treasures

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Aztec Bonus Feature
This version features a bonus feature guarantee where the bar in the upper right corner indicates the likelihood of getting a free spin round. You can click it and take a chance or wait for scatter symbols.
Click to enlarge
Aztec Millions
This version of Aztec slots features a fixed betting amount and large progressive jackpot.
Click to enlarge
Aztec Treasures
This is a standard 5 reel version of the same Aztec Treasures.
Always check the machine you’re playing

Choose the Pay Lines
Most games have a selection of paylines from 1 to 25 is about the average. Some games have more or less. You adjust thie by clicking the arrows up or down. Notice in the picture the word in red Lines. This is where you click to adjust the paylines you want payoffs on.
Help Button
At the bottom of the screen is the Help button. Here you will find information on the slots games and all the symbols and their payouts as well as casino help live chat if needed.
Playing an online slots machine is similar to a land-based machine except lever to pull. It’s a convenient way to pass the time and have fun. Now you know how to play an online machine.

Manhattan Slots Casino Bonuses

Manhattan Slots Casino is glitzy themed slots with New York as a backdrop. The customer service always accessible and you can play via mobile cellphone and Android. They have bonuses for everyday of the week. The games have been certified for fair gaming and you’re never at a loss for great, exciting online casino fun with over 70 slots games to play.

Bonuses at Manhattan Slots Casino

Below are the bonuses for everyday of the week. In addition there are seasonal bonuses and and special promotions as well.

For slots, Manhattan Slots has some of the best bonuses for players. There is a welcome bonus of up to $787 and there are bonuses for everyday of the week. Sign up with the bonus code and make sure you get it. If confused about getting the bonus, you can always ask the live help.

Manhattan Slots Casino Manhattan Slots Casino
Friday Bonus
The bonus code is MIXER – get up 77% up to $777.
Monday Bonus
The bonus code is MANIC – get up 67% and $25 free chip.
Manhattan Slots Casino Manhattan Slots Casino Manhattan Slots Casino
Thursday Bonus
The bonus code is TREATS. Get 25% Cash Back, 67% on all games.
Tuesday Bonus
The bonus code is LAVISH. Deposit 150 or more and get 75% less than 150 get 70%.
Wednesday Bonus
The bonus code is CLASSIC. Get 72% unlimited bonus up to $722.

Weekend Bonus Code
Manhattan Slots Casino
This is a limitless bonus of 74% and the bonus code is SPARKLE.
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Casino Bonuses for Online Casino Gambling

Land-based casinos have casino comp. If you take the bus to a casino, for example, you’re able to get some comp money, usually $20-30, to play at that casino. That’s the comp starter. You see players with card entered in slots machines or video poker machines and as they play they collect a certain amount of compensation in the form of players rewards. This is the casino giving bonuses for frequent players. Similarly, online casinos have a bonus system. Online casinos bonuses are structured around the same concept. The more you play, the more chances you have to get a bonus. It’s usually never a giveaway however. This article will explain casino bonuses.

Bonus for First Time Players

First time players are able to reap the first time bonus many casinos have. Although gambling tends to be impulse driven if you are methodical, you can sign up and get this bonus. It’s also not a giveaway. For example, sign up and get a match bonus of $100. You then have to bet a certain amount and sometimes play only certain games to have money applied to the bonus. Some bonuses are slots games only. There is a wagering requirement a sample requirement is player must wager 10 times the bonus amount before being able to cash out. So if the bonus is $100, you must bet $1000 before you can withdraw money. The bonus structure does work though. And if you are a frequent gambler, this bonus will work for you. If you play occassionally once a month or so, the bonuses might not ever kick in and if you win $500 down the line you might find your money locked in because of signing up for the bonus. For frequent gamblers the bonus is a good thing and for occasional gamblers it might be a nuisance.


Bonus Value Depreciating

As the internet matured, so has everything in it including casinos. Smart gamblers could join a casino , get a huge bonus and play games that have more chances to win like video poker and walk away with a bonus as well as winnings. Casinos as well trying to expand and increase their customer base offered bonuses through the roof. Times have changed and the casino bonus standard today is much like above. You have to bet many times the bonus amount to get the bonus at all. In many cases, it’s to your advantage to not even sign up for that bonus and play straight. If you get lucky and win right away, you’re free to withdraw your money. Or if you want to play video poker or games with better outcomes for players in general, the casino bonuses aren’t necessarily the best thing for you.


No Deposit Bonuses

Casinos still offer a no deposit bonus. You can get this by usually emailing the casino. However, you might win alot and find you can’t get your money because of the wagering requirement. There is usually a high betting requirement and winnings might not be accessible.


Cashable Bonuses and Non-Cashable Bonuses

A cashable bonus is a bonus where the player is able to keep real cash after meeting the betting structure. A non cashable bonus is basically casino money usable only in the casino. There, again, is a high betting requirement but if met that money can be sent via various withdrawal methods. Non cashable bonuses are giving players extra money to play with.


Casino bonus value really depends on the player. If you are a slots player and on vacation, you might want to utilize the bonus and get extra casino money. You know the likelihood of winning might be low but enjoy playing online casino games for the heck of it. The bonuses will work for you. If, on the other hand, you seldom play or play games like video poker with low house edges, you might want to play without the bonus money and keep the money you’ve won.