Playing Progressive Slots

Since casinos went online, the biggest thing to happen in gaming are progressive jackpots. First slots, then video poker, and now bingo - all these games have progressive jackpots that can grow into the millions. The jackpots are built from numerous games all feeding a pot until one winner hits the rare combination. They've made it possible for a player to become an instant millionaire, and because of this these games have become extremely popular and many players play them as much as they can. But this may not be the best slots strategy for one to follow because not all games are created equal.

It can make sense to play these games sometimes. You can't win the jackpot if you don't play, so never playing them would prevent you from ever winning a monster jackpot. But these machines tend to pay out at 2-7% less than a regular machine does, and unless you manage to hit the big jackpot at some point along the way (which is very unlikely) your overall losses will be somewhere between 2-7% more than they would be if you played the regular slot machines.

It comes down to believing if you'll ever win that big one or not. If you'd rather risk those extra percentages on the chance of hitting the big one on a progressive game, then it's the option for you. If you think that you'd rather lower the game's edge on you as much as possible, then it makes more sense for you to stay away from these lower payout games altogether.

If you want to play these progressive games try to slow the bleeding down a little bit - play progressive slot games that are of small denominations. The jackpots are so big in these games that you can win a huge payout in a nickel or quarter game. Keep the stakes low so you don?t use too much of your bankroll chasing big jackpots. That way it won?t affect your play too much, and you?ll be able to deal with the wider win/loss variance you?re sure to encounter in the progressive games.

Spirit of the Incas Progressive Slots Game

Spirit of the Incas has five progressive jackpots as well as the chances to win while playing. Play this game at Slots Plus Casino