Penny Slots

Poker has been the biggest thing in gambling over the last few years, but the next biggest trend in gaming are the penny slots. These cheap slot games have made slots available to just about any player with any size bankroll. Suddenly for $20 players could get hours of play for their money, while still having the chance to win big bucks if they hit the right combination on the reels.

Most penny slots are video slot games that have heavy action for the player. Penny slots emphasize multipliers and bonus spins, making the game more interactive and action packed. They’re not really penny games because they offer multiple lines of action, and when the player chooses lines to play they’re often well over a nickel or more for each spin they make. The reason that penny slots were invented is because so many pay lines were added to the other games, like nickel or quarter slots, that a smaller denomination had to be added for many players to be able to afford to play max bet.

Some penny slot games have a maximum bet of 1,600 coins. That’s $16 a spin. That may be an extreme example, but the average games have 20 lines that can take up to 50 coins per line, which would still be $10 a spin. There are even penny progressives that seem to offer a chance at big dollars for just a few pennies, but in reality playing max bet in these games will cost at least $3 per spin.

This becomes important when you first sit down at a penny slot game. You have to make sure what the max bet is on each game or you could be in for a big surprise. If you don’t know how much the max bet will total you really should find out before you play. You could end up betting way more than you intended to, and it could lead to a frustrating situation. Make sure you know how many pennies are on the line. They add up after a while, and they can disappear faster than you may think they can.

Penny Slots at Slots Plus Casino

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