Reading the Slots Payout Schedule Table

Traditionally slot games came with no strategy to learn. We just put in our money and pulled the arm to spin the reels. But advantage players are always looking to learn about a game that could offer an edge against the house, and it didn't take long for them to learn that not all slot games are created equal. Payout percentages will vary depending on the game, and any serious gamer should know to look for the better machines on the floor or online. Some games will offer more for a certain hand but will cost the same amount to play.

The payout schedule is the list of odds that you can win if you get lucky enough and hit one of the big hands. Study and compare the differences between these payouts because some games are offering much less than others. Make sure you get the best value for your buy-in dollar. Why play a game that gives you less of a chance to win?

Over time this decision can make a big difference in your overall take from the casino, if there's any at all. It will at least diminish the amount that you may lose playing slot games, and you'll at least know that you're doing as much as you can to lower the house edge over you.

If you decide to play a progressive slot game you'll often find that the payout schedule is smaller than the average game. It's that way because there is the still the big jackpot attached to the game, and if you hit that one it could be worth millions of dollars. Just make sure that you have enough cash to play the max bet on the game or you won't qualify if you hit the big spin.

Pay tables are there for you to take advantage of - don't be one of those tourists who will just play any old slot game that they see in front of them. Take the time to read the tables and get the best deal. You'll still end up dumping a lot back.