Land Based vs Online Slots

At first glance one would have a hard time telling the difference between a live slot game video screen and a computer slot game screen. Online slots software has come a long way, graphics have improved, and banking options are once again plentiful. The two games are very different in many ways, and each has its advantages over the other in some ways. Today's video slot games all have a computer chip in them that decides outcomes randomly, which is just about the only thing these games have in common anymore.

The obvious big difference between online and live slots is the freedom to play the games. Travelling to a casino to play your favorite slot game can be a difficult endeavor for many players. And then there's no guarantee that your favorite game will be open to play. You'll just sit there and wait for a game to open up before you get a chance to get in the action. But it must be said that the games and atmosphere of a live casino floor is always more exciting than playing online.

Another important thing that's different between the online slots and the live ones are the payout percentages. The online games offer a higher payout percentage because these casinos have nowhere near the overhead that a regular casino has. They don't have to provide rooms or feed an army of people. Progressive jackpots are always the biggest of the year, but for some reason the online jackpots have not grown as large as the live progressives. However, they're growing bigger all the time.

Another area where the two-slot games differ is with the comps that are given out. In a live casino you would have to make sure that you get your player's card updated and that you take advantage of the offers you'll have in front of you. Often you have to ask for extra comps or wheel and deal a pit boss for a freebie. Online you just play and the software records everything for you, allowing you to maximize your comps without having to think about them.