Advantages of Online Slots

Today's online slot games are so much like live casino slots that one has to look around the room to make sure they're playing in the comfort of their home. Online slot action has a few advantages over live games, and the only advantage that live casino slots have over online ones is the exciting setting of the casino itself. But we don't all live in Vegas where we can choose from a wide array of slot games to play at our leisure. So many play online slots simply because it's the only action they can get right now.

High Payout Percentage

One of the advantages of playing online slots is that they almost always pay out at a decent percentage. Some live casino slots games have poor payout percentages, as low as 85% or worse. Any online slot game that you play in any reputable online casino will have a payout percentage of over 95%. You don't have to search out the better odds games online because they're all paying out at a good percentage.


The best part about the online games is that they never run out of your favorite action. In a live casino the game you want to play could be taken by other players. Online the tables are endless and could handle a thousand players all playing on a different table. The selection of slot games online is wider than at your average live casino. Switching to another game is done instantly without having to cash out a ticket and visit the cashier before buying in somewhere else.

Progressive Jackpots

The biggest advantages that online slot games have over live casino slot games are the access to the progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots in the live casinos are limited to that particular network, while online progressives are linked to a huge network. These jackpots can become worth millions of dollars, and many can be played at the dollar limit.

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Game Selection

In a casino, you might want to play a popular slots game that always has someone else playing there even if you're there early in the day. At an online casino, you always have access to that game and many others. After playing one game for a while, you might want to try other games as well but can't find them as you wander around a casino floor. In an online casino, all games are indexed in an easy to find menu so if you want to try your luck at a larger progressive slots game, it's alway available. Or if you want to switch to something, that's as simple as the click of a mouse.

Fewer Distractions

At an online casino, you will hear the sounds of bells and whistles as someone gets a jackpot. You wonder what machine is it or who won and how much? Waitresses come around offering drinks or you look at someone dressed unusual. Smoke is blowing in your face or someone screams in excitement. All these can distract you from your game. It's always nice if somenone wins a large jackpot while you visiting a casino. But you have your own game to think about with strategy and bankroll plans. You don't necessarily have the time to think about these things and they just end distracting you from your game plan. Playing online eliminates these distractions. You can test bankroll strategies and play with fewer distractions.

Casino Bonuses

Just like land casinos have casino comp, online casinos have much the same thing. You get bonuses every time you play games. Sometimes the bonuses can be quite substantial. It depends on how much you bet. If, for example, you know you want to play at a certain casino and that casino only and have a high betting limit, you might consider the bonus as a reason to play. Like casino comp, if you're going to the casino once a week you might consider joining whatever clubs or savings plan that is offered. This offsets the losses and might help you playing for a progressive. If you are playing at a casino for the first time and just looking around, you might not want the casino bonuses offered because you might not bet enough to get a cashout on the bonus. Remember, the bonus is an incentive to play but not necessarily a giveaway. The great thing is most bonuses have slots included in their bonus packages.

Slots Tournaments

Many online casinos have slots tournaments. Look at the picture. As noted, you see the slots tournaments link. Clicking this will tell what games are available for slots tournaments and the information needed tojoin. This could add up to extra cash in your pocket. Slots tournaments give a point system for games won. This is one great thing about online casino vs land slots casinos. There are almost no land based slots tournaments. This is great way to win some money and pad that bankroll.

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