5 Reel Vs. 3 Reel Slots Machines, The Differences Between Slots Machines

With the growing popularity of online slots, online casinos are often looking for innovative ways to keep players entertained and methods of evolving the slot games to increase the number of players that visit their website. As a result, 5 reel slots are becoming more and more common. Along with the additional reels, these games often include bonus features and games.

At its most basic level, adding the choice of 5 reel slots to the mix simply means more options for the player. But how do the extra reels alter play? This article explores some of the changes that come with 5 reel slots as well as differences between 5 and 3 reel slots games.

Top 3 Reel Slots Games
3 reel slots games 3 reel slots games
Double Ya Luck
This 3 reel slots game features a jackpot that can be won if the player gets a top combination.
Jumping Beans
Mexican themed 3 reel slots game. You can increase the payling between 1 to 3.
3 reel slots games 3 reel slots games
Pharoahs Gold
The paytable right above the game makes it easy to understand. And great audio effects.
Three Stooges
Based on the tv series with the characters in the show.
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Pay out Percentage of 5 and 3 Reel Slots

A common misconception is that it is harder to win on a 5 reel online slot as opposed to its 3 reel siblings. While this might be true if the games were purely mechanical, the modern computerized use of the random number generator (RNG) makes these games just as easy to win as the older style slots.

How? The RNG programs the online slot games to payout at a certain percentage. This means that regardless of the number of reels, over time the machine will always award that percentage out to players.

Hit Frequency of 5 and 3 Reel Slots

The pay table on a 5 reel slot game usually lists several more winning combinations than the 3 reel variety. This makes sense, simply because of the additional possible combinations. As a result, while a big win may occur less, small to medium wins on 5 reel slots are much more common than in other games.

Top 5 Reel Slots Games
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Caesars Empire
Features a random jackpot. This slots game is typical of the 5 reel slots game with lots of bonuses.
Year of Fortune
This 5 reel game has a random jackpot as well.
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Spirit of the Incas
This slots game features 5 different jackpots. Overall, 5 reel slots games are the most popular today.
This slots game has a bonus feature guarantee. You get a meter as you play that indicates the likelihood of getting the bonus round if you click a button. Another addon feature of 5 reel slots games.

Placing Max Bet

As with other online slots, there is often much debate on the choice of betting the maximum amount of allowed coins at a time.

With 5 reel online slots, betting the max can get quite expensive, as many machines allow you to bet more than one coin per line, and can have up to 20 pay lines! This can add up quite quickly. While a good strategy is to bet at least one coin per line to maximize the odds of winning an online slots game, making max bets can eat through your bankroll.

As always, if you happen to be playing an online slots game with a progressive jackpot, you must bet the maximum in order to qualify for the jackpot. You do not want to see the jackpot flash across your screen, only to realize that your bet does not qualify.

The bottom line is to be sure to understand the payout structure of your slot game and bet accordingly.

Advantages of 3 reel slots
  • Paylines easier to understand
  • Betting is with smaller amount of money
  • Winnings are larger though less frequent than 5 reel slots.

  • Advantages of 5 reel slots
  • More games to choose from
  • More features like the feature guarantee in Vulcan slots
  • More graphics and audio special effects
  • Conclusions

    There are many factors involved with finding the right online slots game for you. Through trying games with different themes, styles and numbers of reels, you are sure to find your match, and have a good time while doing it! Take your time and enjoy the experience of trying something new.